The following groups and individuals represent the many varied and beautiful islands of India:

Andaman Islands
Barren Island
Great Andaman
Little Andaman
Ritchie's Archipelago
Sentinel Islands
Islands of the Kaveri (or Cauvery, as it is known in English) River
Sri Rangam
Chorao, Goa
Divar, Goa
Image of Portuguese Diu Church On The Island Of Diu In Gujarat, India
Portuguese Diu Church On The Island Of Diu
In Gujarat, India
Minicoy Island
Monroe Island, Kollam, Kerala
Islands of Mumbai Harbour
Butcher Island (Mumbai)
Cross Island
Elephanta Island
Middle Ground
Oyster Rock
Salsette Island
Nicobar Islands
Great Nicobar
Car Nicobar
Vashee, Goa
Vypin, Kochi, Kerala
Willington Island, Kochi, Kerala

The Kaveri River
This is one of India’s most significant rivers and its origin is situated in the state of Karnataka. It then flows through Tamil Nardu to the southern part of the Deccan Plateau and then further on to empty into the Bay of Bengal. Its basin is an impressive approximation of 72 000 square kilometres. There are many smaller rivers or tributaries that run from the Kaveri River, as well as the beautiful Shivanasamudra Falls, which thunder down some 100 metres in glorious power. Because this river is home to several islands, it is important in terms of water supply, irrigation and the provision of hydroelectric power. It has had this important role for centuries and is, therefore, an important part of Indian history and culture.

The Nicobar Islands
The Great Nicobar is one of the islands, and is home to Indira Point, recognised as the southernmost point of India. There are 21 other islands making up the Nicobars, covering a total of just less than 1850 square kilometres. These islands are inhabited by about 50 000 people, most of whom are indigenous to them. The islands are generally lush and tropical with heavy rains on an annual basis. Beautiful mangrove forests are alongside subtropical forests as well as grasslands that stretch for miles.

Lakshadweep is this subcontinent’s smallest Union Territory and is a cluster of 36 islands and islets, just less than 300 kilometres from the Keralam coast. They are called the Laccadive Islands in English and measure a combined total of only 32 square kilometres. Only ten of the islands are home to local people. These inhabitants have created a successful industry from coconut farming. In fact, these islands are the largest producer of coconuts in the whole of India.

Munroe Island
This beautiful island village is popular amongst tourists for its gorgeous landscapes and fascinating history. It is surrounded by the Ashtamudi Lake and Kallada River, which only compound its awesome beauty. The narrow canals and waterways are accessible, and provide excellent photo opportunities. The accommodation facilities on Munroe Island are ideal for a family.

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