India is known amongst travellers for its beautiful vistas, exotic animals, haunting temples and plethora of cultures and religions. However, the subcontinent is quickly becoming renowned for its beautiful and diverse assortment of beaches. In fact, India boasts one of the widest diversities in the world when it comes to a fascinating mix of pristine sandy shores, rocky pools, lagoons, bays and estuaries.

Of all the beach destinations in India, the Isles of Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshadweep are by far the favourites amongst locals and visitors alike. These waters are green and translucent, shining under the hot Indian sun in a sparkling natural beauty of their own. The coral reefs just below the water’s surface are alive with colourful fish of all sizes and species. These are fascinating for young and old to enjoy while picnicking on the sand and browning the skin.

Goa is famous for the holiday villages that occupy its beaches. In fact, this entire area has earned acclaim as a developed beach resort. The rustic charm of the area adds to the laid-back appeal of seaside living. Tourists will delight in the great number of street vendors selling arts, crafts and textiles along the beaches, which make for gorgeous keepsakes and
Image of The sun just rising over the horizon on Candolim Beach, Goa.
The sun just rising over the horizon on Candolim Beach, Goa.
mementoes. In addition, food stalls, boat rides, scooter excursions and dolphin watching are guaranteed to provide lasting memories of stunning Indian getaways.

These beaches make India the ideal destination for travellers with children. They are secluded from the hustle and bustle of city life, and are fun and safe. Kovalam Beach in Kerala is one of the family favourites, and yet still enjoys a distinctly quiet serenity. It is graced by lush, green vegetation and is lined with tropical coconut trees for a completely novel Indian experience, reminiscent of a desert island. Beaches such as the Marine and Elliot’s in Mumbai focus on the children, providing fun activities like pony rides, which entertain the young ones for hours and give the parents some time to relax. Orissa’s Puri and Konark beaches are frequented by pilgrims wanting to dip their bodies in the ‘holy’ waters, but are also open to the public. These beaches are the sites of some major worshipping venues, giving them a historical relevance that adds a fascinating twist to their natural beauty. Bheemunipatnam is renowned for its safety in terms of crime as well as swimming conditions. Marari Beach is situated in Kerala and is loved for its charming sense of the ‘untouched’. Until recently, it has only been favoured amongst fishermen, who have left its shores and waters unspoilt. A real treat for the family is Kerala’s Kumarakom Beach, which is home to a bird sanctuary in which darters, Egrets, waterfowl, cuckoo, wild duck and Siberian Storks live, delighting the onlookers as they attempt to identify the many fascinating species. Formal boat trips allow visitors the best views of the birdlife soaring overhead.

Other popular beaches for the family include:
Juhu Beach - Mumbai
Marina Beach - Chennai
Gopalpur-On-Sea - Orissa
Chandipur Beach - Orissa

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