While India was always known as a society of farmers, things have changed considerably over the past few decades. Some of these changes include a boom in the population numbers, a fast-growing economy, western influences regarding industrialisation and working on a global level, increased education as well as a far greater number of English-speaking graduates. All of these influences do not, however, necessarily imply a proportional increase in the number of jobs available.

The labour force in India comprises approximately half a billion people. Agriculture remains its main industry as rice, wheat, potatoes, cattle, sheep, poultry and fish sustain this market. Other major industries include steel, chemicals, textiles, cement, mining and petroleum. India exports leather products, engineering goods, jewellery, software and chemicals and
Image of Indian Business People
Indian Business People
imports oil, machinery and fertiliser.

In times past, most of the labour force was illiterate or semi-literate, confining them to positions of menial labour, if there was any work available for them at all. However, modern India sees a rise in literate, well-educated people, but still cannot provide the jobs for them in the numbers in which they are required. Even agriculture, which has always been a major source of income for this country, is seasonal in nature, not providing stable, consistent income for people. In addition, because there are so many people in need of work, there are too many workers on each farm, creating a sense of laziness and redundancy.

Unemployment is a waste of fit, able people who are willing and able to work. It erodes the morale, endangers the economy and threatens the living conditions of a broad spectrum of the Indian population. It often results in the youth becoming despondent and getting involved in less savoury activities that guarantee them easy money. These include smuggling of illegal gems, drugs and so on as well as hired killings.

Another problem that has exacerbated unemployment is that of dishonesty and corruption. Bribery is rife, as is favouring family members, despite their possible lack of qualifications.

As India continues to develop and grow, it is vital that these issues be addressed promptly and honestly to allow it to reach its full potential.

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