Charminar, situated in the growing city of Hyderabad, is one of India’s chief tourist attractions. This structure is such an integral part of the city that it has been dubbed its own Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty. When Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah moved his capital to Hyderabad from Golkonda, he built the Charminar. This was in 1591. For hundreds of years, it remained the heart and pulse of this area.

The word “charminar” translates directly to “four minars”, which refers to the four minarets or towers that are at each corner of the square structure. The Charminar was built using a combination of granite, mortar and lime. Some maintain that pulverised marble was also included in this mixture. The foundation measures 20 metres by 20 metres and the impressive arches rise 20 metres above the level of the ground. The towers are an astounding 24 metres above the building’s roof, creating an imposing and humbling spectacle that looms over many of the other buildings in the city. Although the Charminar has been constructed on such a grand scale, boasting a sturdy, durable exterior, visitors are always intrigued by the delicate details that are visible from close up. These lend it a romantic, mystical allure. This is typical of Indian architecture, which values the detail and decorative elements of design.
Image of Charminar, famous historical monument,Hyderabad,India
Charminar, famous historical monument,

The oldest mosque in this city is situated on the western side of the Charminar’s roof. This mosque has 45 specially created spaces for praying worshippers. Although in the heart of the city, this mosque is quiet and serene, allowing the devout prayer-givers to offer their worship in peaceful, respectful surrounds. Apart from its religious significance, this ancient mosque is also historically and aesthetically entrancing, appealing to a wide array of visitors from all over the world, not only to those seeking to learn more about the religious context of India.

There are several balconies in the Charminar, each of which grants visitors a fantastic panoramic view of the city as people, cars and rickshaws carry on their way of life. From these balconies, there are also prime photographic opportunities, sure to provide lifelong memories.

Close to the Charminar is the Lad Bazaar, one of the oldest of its kind in Hyderabad. This shopping Mecca boasts a range of artefacts and memorabilia.

India is acclaimed for its complex abundance of cultural, social, religious and historical wealth. Many of these facets are reflected in the structure and, indeed, the very existence of the Charminar.

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